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Community Care Initiative

The Community Care Initiative was formed by Sheriff Scheffler at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Sheriff Scheffler quickly realized that the lives of our seniors, veterans and those who are incapable of leaving their homes were in jeopardy. These vulnerable members of our community required assistance to access basic needs like food and medication. The Sheriff’s Office promptly established a system to take calls for any services needed. The program has made great strides since its inception. The Sheriff’s Office is currently assisting many food distribution groups with setup and delivery. We have formed several very successful partnerships and continue to serve the community.


“I realized how many of our fellow residents were in need when we made many of these deliveries personally. Our Community Care Initiative Program will only grow and will become a permanent part of the Sheriff's office as long as I am Sheriff.”


Engaging with the Community - Sheriff Scheffler has participated in, assisted and supported the community with numerous food drives, clothing drives, school supplies, book drives and holiday toy drives.


Eric Scheffler also actively participates as a volunteer Board member for the following:

  • Stockton Hughes center

  • Faces for Autisms

  • Atlantic County juvenile justices committee

  • Reeds Organic Farms

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