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Creating Safer Communities 


Over the past several decades there has been a systematic reduction in public safety personnel due to increased financial burdens and struggles by taxpayers. Atlantic County has seen a thirty percent reduction of manpower across all communities. The modern Executive Law Enforcement officers across the nation have realized that we cannot arrest our way out of our social issues. Mass incarceration does not solve issues and only burdens the taxpayers.


Sheriff Scheffler realized this immediately and has created programs like Hope One and ACLEADS. ACLEADS is a law enforcement advanced division created in a partnership with the Prosecutor’s Office to set up a post arrest, pre-indictment program to get charges reduced or dropped if the offender is compliant. 


In addition, he has strongly supported Safe Surrender programs in Atlantic County for those that can be rehabilitated and deserve a second chance. These programs have reduced crime, the burden on the courts as well as the jail; saving Atlantic County residents money, creating safer and healthier communities. 


Sheriff Scheffler also realizes that hard criminals need to be addressed, and he has refocused his fugitive warrants squads and law enforcement partnerships to go after first degree and second degree offenders. Sheriff Scheffler has partnered with the US Marshals Service, FBI, DEA and State Police Task Force creating force multipliers and ensuring that all Atlantic County communities are being assisted and represented. The result can be seen in its arrest rates and incarceration statistics.


The Sheriff’s Office makes more arrests than almost all other departments in Atlantic County combined excluding the Atlantic City Police Department. Although ACPD makes approximately twice as many arrests, the Sheriff’s Office places approximately 30% more people into the County jail. This is important to note, considering ACPD is 3x the size of the Sheriff’s Office and bail reform has helped in incarcerating only the most hardened criminals.


Under Sheriff Scheffler's lead the Sheriff’s Office has assisted local municipalities in special events and augmented patrol functions like traffic, arrest, funerals, festivals and marathons when requested by the local municipalities. 


Active Shooter/Violent Intruder and Becoming Your Own First Responder Training Program 

This program empowers civilians to make good choices under high stress situations. These include critical situations that face our society such as, active shooter, home invasion and robberies. In the past three years, the Atlantic County Sheriff’s Office has given over 200 lectures reaching over 1000 people on this topic, including the Somers Point Business Association, all departments at Shore Medical Center, and each of the provider offices for Shore Physicians Group.


Emergency First Aid Program 

This was created in response to the staggering statistic that 95 percent of people involved in (what are the people involved in? shootings, stabbings?) died from blood loss. This program focuses on how to control blood loss until the necessary help is obtained. The training includes both the use of a professional first responder kit but also covers improvised methods such as using common clothing items.


Special Response Teams 

Created by Sheriff Scheffler, three special response teams were created to react to critical instances in Atlantic County Courthouse and the surrounding area.


Class 3 Officers Program 

Community outreach program that brings officers into schools to keep kids safe and more importantly to make lasting relationships between the younger members of our community and the police. Growing up and interacting with police officers allows children to see police as people they can talk to and ask for help; not just someone who shows up when there is trouble.

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