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Creating Healthier Communities 

Creating a Healthier and Safer Community for Atlantic County


In 2017, Eric Scheffler pledged to the people of Atlantic County that if elected Sheriff, he would dedicate himself to make our community a healthier and safer one for our families, friends and neighbors.


He promised that he would accomplish this through community engagement and well being, partnering with agencies and organizations, helping those in need with treatment and recovery, focusing on hard criminals, providing intensive training, and supporting our honored veterans, all while being fiscally responsible and respectful of the taxpayers' dollars.


In three short years, Atlantic County Sheriff Eric Scheffler realized all of these promises and more. He believes that the health of a community is vital to its safety. But this is just the beginning. We are stronger today because of Sheriff Scheffler’s vision, leadership and compassion. And we will be better tomorrow with his re-election in November.


Hope One Project


During the Sheriff’s 2017 campaign, Eric Scheffler promised to address the addiction and mental health epidemic affecting all Atlantic county communities. Immediately upon taking office he formed a group dedicated to assessing the needs and resources required to take on this community crisis. The Hope One Project was the answer. Using the Hope One project in Morris County as a model, Sheriff Scheffler created Hope One for Atlantic County as a mobile outreach program that connects those in crisis to treatment. This amazing program does case management for all of its participants. The Hope One Team follows individuals throughout their treatment, assisting participants with overcoming obstacles and issues that arise as they transition into recovery. Upon completion of initial treatment participants are connected with support services, follow-up and recovery maintenance. Hope One can be reached online at or via phone at 609-909-7200.


To date, the Hope One Project Team is proud to have placed over 1,000 people directly into treatment. Most of the programs participants have come directly off the streets of Atlantic County. While most programs of this kind may take weeks or even longer to be admitted, Sheriff Scheffler’s coalition of partners and the Hope One Project Team provide highly efficient assistance, admitting those in need within hours. In addition to the people we have connected to treatment, several thousand other referrals for food, shelter, Narcan training, and mental health.


If you know someone who is suffering please do not hesitate to reach out, we can help. No one chooses to be an addict or suffer from mental health issues. Everyone deserves to live a healthy and happy life. Please let us advocate and support you and your loved ones. There is always Hope!  HOPE ONE


Other Programs made possible by Sheriff Eric Scheffler to help those battling opioid addiction:


  • Narcan Training on the street and in hands of people who need it the most.

  • Rowan Partnership Grant Program is the largest grant in the history of the Atlantic County Sheriff’s Office. $2 million dollars in grant funding partnered with Rowan University to properly train and equip people with Narcan during our nation's opioid crisis.

  • Overdose Response Team an integral part of the Hope One Program

  • Emergency ID Program created by Sheriff Scheffler to assist people in need of a temporary ID in order to enter a treatment program.

  • Recovery Yoga Program is another program created by Sheriff Scheffler which provides weekly (Tuesday’s) yoga instructions for those involved in court appointed recovery.

  • Suits For Recovery Court Program  partnered with other community organizations to provide donated suits to individuals participating in the courts Recovery Program.

  • Medication Drop Boxes Program created in partnership with the DEA to install drop boxes in courthouses as well as Brigantine City Hall and Buena Vista

  • Hope One Volunteers assist with distributing gift bags with food and snacks as well as a yearly clothing and winter jacket drive.

  • Transportation to treatment Sheriff Scheffler doesn't only get you or your loved ones enrolled into treatment, but he makes sure you or your loved ones in need get to treatment safely as well.

  • Sober Living Grants – Founded by Eric Scheffler, the Atlantic County Sheriff Foundation provides grants to people in need of sober living houses after treatment

  • Advocates for recovery and job placement assistance.

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