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Josh Vadell

Atlantic City Police Department


Josh Vadell ACPD Retired

Josh Vadell ACPD Retired

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Michael Gatley

Supervisor of Athletics

Mainland Regional High School

"​I have known Eric for over 8 years.  He is a tireless worker who possesses strength of character, great leadership ability, and a total dedication to his work.  He is creative and innovative and blessed with the rare ability to communicate and work with people of all ages and backgrounds." 

Michael Gatley
William Mazur

Public Safety Liaison

Deputy Chief of Police, (Ret.)

Atlantic City P.D.

"In my experience as a career law enforcement officer, I have never seen a candidate who can appeal to the masses in such a bi-partisan way like Sheriff Scheffler. He stands for issues that affect all families regardless of their political affiliations..." 

William Mazur Endorsement.png
Michael Gatley

Public Safety Liaison

Deputy Chief of Police, Retired

Atlantic City P.D.

Kirkland Marks

Captain of Atlantic County Justice Facility, Retired

"Eric has made it his personal mission to improve the lives of the people of Atlantic County by any means possible. He can, and has been seen volunteering at the Atlantic County Food Bank, the Hope One Mental Health and Addiction Mobile Bus Unit out in the community, as well as many other gatherings for the betterment of the communities that he serves."

Kirkland Marks.png
David K. Risley

Absecon Chief of Police, Retired

"Through his guidance and leadership, Eric has developed the Sheriff’s Department into a proactive and well respected organization throughout Atlantic County and the State of New Jersey."

Lisa Bee

Director of the Mathew Bee Memorial Fund & Director of Community Outreach for Angels in Motion

"It is with great respect and responsibility that I endorse Sheriff Eric Scheffler for re-election. Eric has shown his commitment to making our community a better place. He is committed, dedicated and has the best interest of our people at heart."

Lisa Bee.png
William Schmincke

Founder, Stop the Heroin

"As the founder of Stop the Heroin, I have had the great privilege of working with Sheriff Eric Scheffler on a professional level, fighting side by side against the horrific heroin epidemic that has plagued our County. Through his initiative with the Hope One Recovery Program, Mr. Scheffler has proven time and time again to be an invaluable resource to persons recovering from addiction."

Screenshot_2020-08-25 Scheffler Letter p
Ronald Demoulin

U.S. Army and Atlantic County

Sheriff's Office, Retired

"... this remarkable person is ready to continue to make terrific contributions to Atlantic County based on a strong foundation provided by his wonderful family, enriching professional experiences, and sound education to date."

Phi Nguyen

President of the South Jersey Vietnamese Community Center

"His commitment and service to our communities over the past 25 years is second to none"

Phi Nguyen Vietnamese.jpg
Dharmendra Patel

Atlantic City Business Owner

" Sheriff Eric Scheffler brings his respect for all people and communities to the role of Atlantic County Sheriff, which is why I am proud to support him"

Dharmendra Patel.jpg
Jennifer Hansen

President of The Hansen Foundation and CEO of Enlightened Solutions

" I have had the pleasure of working alongside Sheriff Eric Scheffler and have seen firsthand the time and dedication he has put  into helping individuals in Atlantic County"

Jennifer Hansen.png
Beth Holtzman

Mayor of Ventnor City

" I am proud to endorse a public servant that exemplifies the real purpose of an elected official. Eric is a true public servant to all the residents of Atlantic County"

Eric Endorsement.png
Ted Khoury

Community Recovery Advocate

"Erics' effectiveness in the role of Atlantic County Sheriff is simply another chapter and an offshoot of his life as not only a community stalwart and leader, but as an advocate for those struggling and less fortunate than others "

Ted Khour.png
Rick Mulvhill

Retired Absecon  Police Chief

"Sheriff Scheffler clearly has a vision, a plan and a promise for the Sheriff's Office and the citizens of Atlantic County. He has dedicated his life to the citizens of Atlantic County through his many years with the Atlantic City Police Department and last three as county Sheriff."

Rick Mulvihill.png
Sean Clancy
Captain Atlantic County 
Prosecutor's Office-Retired

"His efforts the last three years at the Sheriff's office, non profits, and involvement in other community organizations should prove that he has the interest of all residents..."

John Zulawski

"Professionally, he utilizes his broad range of expertise in an extremely effective manner. Mr. Scheffler’s skills have allowed him to effectively deal with a wide range of administrative assignments including major events. He has been creative and has maintained a safe work environment in an economically prudent manner. He understands human behavior and excels in effective human relations."

John Zulawski.png
Doug Adams
Retired NJSP

"I knew that Eric would do whatever he needed to do to make sure that the job was done in an efficient manner. His professionalism and hard work was a credit to the Atlantic City police department and his dedication to help me reflected greatly upon his unit."     

Doug Adams.png
Robert Garbutt Jr.
South Jersey Rowing Champion
Attorney at Law

"Unlike many other political figures, he embraces the concept of servant leadership. He is not motivated by his personal political gain but, instead, is solely focused on improving the lives of the citizens of Atlantic County."     

Bob & Judy Garbutt

"Eric has proven that he is the best man for the job as is evidenced by his magnificent handling of this office during his term. On every level, Eric has imporved the sheriff's department."     

Sergeant Joseph Bonsall
Egg Harbor Twp. Police Department-retired

"Sheriff Eric Scheffler continues to define leadership by addressing the need for law enforcement to enhance their community connection. Sheriff Scheffler and the Atlantic County Sheriff's Foundation does this by partnering with many social and civic agencies to provide resources to those Atlantic County citizens who are in need ."     

Robert Previti, Ed. D.
Superindentent Brigantine, Somers Point, and Mainland Regional Schools - retired

" Eric is on the cutting edge of transformational leadership as that leadership relates to an entirely new approach to assistive governing programs and practices to guide law enforcement.  Instead of an arrest and incarceration philosophical approach, the county sheriff’s office has developed programs that embrace early intervention, behavioral remediation as well as the first Atlantic County Sheriff Foundation designed to change the incarceration pattern and recidivism percentages that affect our county and our nation."     

James Miltenberger
Atlantic City Police-retired

"Watching Eric over the past three years blending together a perfect mixture of addressing crime in our county and community engagement is also not a surprise to me, however I want you to know being a twenty five year police veteran it is as rare as it comes."     

Michael Donio
Judge of the Superior Court-retired

"He [Sheriff Scheffler] has gone above and beyond the duties of protection of the Sheriff's office and has expanded the scope, professionalism, and outreach of the entire Sheriff's Department.  In a word, he is 'invested' in Atlantic County.  I support his re-election "     

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