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Atlantic County Institute of Technology’s students honor Sheriff Officers and Veterans of Atlantic C

May 26, 2023

Atlantic County Institute of Technology’s students honor Sheriff Officers and Veterans of Atlantic County.

Atlantic County Sheriff Eric Scheffler and four-time Purple Heart Recipient Marco Polo envisioned a project to honor the veterans of Atlantic County, and that would educate the younger residents about the sacrifices of our Veterans. Sheriff Scheffler started a Veteran’s Extension Service Program within the Sheriff’s Office, which recognizes veterans and connects and educates them with needed services. Marco Polo is a Veterans’ Advocate and has influenced projects such as Purple Way in Somers Point, Purple Path in Northfield, and the expansion of the Veteran’s Memorial in Egg Harbor Township.

The concept of the project is for officers and civilian employees to share their military experiences with the youth at ACIT and learn from each other. The students at ACIT created a board of honor to hang proudly in the front lobby of the Atlantic County Criminal Court in Mays Landing. This project is just the beginning between the sheriff’s office and ACIT, hoping to build upon these relationships between the youth and our veterans for generations to come.

The initial piece of the project was presented on May 26th to honor all those who served and continue to make sacrifices and for those who made the ultimate sacrifice. The final board of honor will be unveiled on Veterans’ Day and will have an attached piece that will recognize those who have served our country within the sheriff’s Office, courthouse staff, and the prosecutor’s Office.

Special thanks to Marco Polo, Dr. Phillip Guenther-Superintendent Special Services School District & Vocational Technical School District, Drew Holmes-Computer Aided Drafting and Design ACIT, Dr. Lubonja-Art and Humanities ACIT, and all the incredible students who worked so hard creating this project.

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