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Sheriff Eric Scheffler plays an active role in new resiliency training

NORTHFIELD, NJ – Oct. 9, 2020 – In his continuing commitment to creating a healthy and safer community, Atlantic County Sheriff Eric Scheffler will play an active role in Reboot Academy US, a Hamilton Township-based, self-care initiative that offers Internet-based resiliency training, something that is near and dear to Scheffler’s heart. 

RebootAcademy.US focuses on “Caregivers of our Community”: First Responders and Law Enforcement offering “reboots” by trained professionals privately - anytime and anywhere - on their computer, laptop, phone, or TV at no cost to those looking for help. 

“I was thrilled when Cheryl Caliri came to me with an idea about creating a safe space for resiliency training for our officers and first responders. We agreed that having something to access at any time and any place would be optimal. Thus, RebootAcademy.US was created by Cheryl and her team, Michael Dougherty and Colleen St. Michaels, to do just that” said Scheffler. 

“The basic premise about resiliency is that it’s for everyone, not just for First Responders. What resiliency allows us to do is recognize different things creating stress that could lead to other issues. It helps teach positive coping skills to deal with life’s adversity and come out stronger.” 

Scheffler said many times people use negative coping skills that compound issues. 

“Things can spiral out of control and can manifest itself in many ways. From bad relationships, loss of work and home, mental health and addiction issues, to loss of life,” Scheffler said. “A program like RebootAcademy.US is a major asset to the community, including those in law enforcement and the sheriff’s office.” 

“Actionable resiliency is the key,” Scheffler said. “It’s one thing about learning what you have to do; but another to actually do it, and RebootAcademy.US has actionable things one can easily access.” 

Whether it is a yoga session, a short 2-minute “Moments that Matter” that brings you back into the present, to a longer “Sleep Support” meditation to help you relax after a long shift, the academy’s activities are designed to care, calm, build participants’ immune systems and keep people healthy.” The website stress relievers include education on why coping techniques are so important to alleviate operational stress and burnout. 

“We developed Reboot Academy.US in collaboration with Sheriff Scheffler and countless First Responders that we interviewed in the process to provide a program that they would use” says Cheryl Caliri. “The participant can access and return to the exercises by multiple channels whenever they feel stressed, to tap into their parasympathetic nervous system to breathe and activate “rest and digest” as opposed to the “fight and flight” neurological response First Responders often experience as a consequence of their job. That is why we created the multi-faceted access including the website at www.rebootacademy.US, a Facebook page, and a YouTube channel where new content will be added weekly.”

“I am doing whatever I can to spread the word about this remarkable program that can really make an impact in our community, especially during COVID times,” Scheffler said. “The reality is we all have stress in our lives, and RebootAcademy.US is a powerful, free tool that our community should embrace because it can really change people’s lives for the better.” 

Scheffler is particularly hopeful about the impact RebootAcademy.US can have on the sheriff’s office and other law enforcement agencies. “Resilience training is something that I have been involved with throughout my whole career because it’s important to have mentally healthy officers,” Scheffler said. “When officers are mentally healthy, it immediately impacts the community they serve and the people around them personally.” 

For more information, go to www.RebootAcademy.US.

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